Movie review-Bubble Gum

Starting: Sachin Khedekar, Tanvi Azmi, Sohail Lakhani, Delzad Hiravali, Apoorva Arora, Suraj Singh
Directed by: Sanjivan Lal
Produced by: Koncept Infotenment Pvt. Ltd
Music By: Hanif Shaikh, Bapi Tutul
Sanjivan Lal, has touched upon a topic that would take one back to school, when Internet and mobile phones didn't form a part of our existence. A sensitive issue like how parents of teenage and psychically handicapped kids should deal with their problems, has been depicted tactfully. Also, how parents should at times leave their children to handle their own issues, has also been touched upon well by Lal. He has chosen the cast carefully and using a kite as a symbolic reference is beautiful.

Set in Jamshedpur of early 80s, in an era when there were no TVs, Internet or mobile phones, the story revolves around a fourteen year old boy named Vedant(Sohail Lakhani). Vedant, who has just stepped into his teens is going through a disturbed phase in his life, because of academic pressure and his infatuation with a colony girl Jenny (Apoorva Arora ). To worsen the situation, enters Ratan (Suraj Singh), his competitor, a guy from the same neighbourhood. Adding another twist to the so called love story, is the return of Vedant’s elder brother Vidur (Delzad Hiravali), who is deaf and comes home for his Holi holidays. Parents Mukund (Sachin Khedekar) and Sudha (Tanvi Azmi), get too engrossed with Vidur and Vedant starts feeling neglected. After the whole muddle, Vedant realises that not only his brother, but also his parents are special for him. He understands why his parents are considerate towards Vidur. The title proves right, as the flick shows that things may be stretchable, but the bubble of patience bursts after a point.

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