Kajal Aggarwal's fan turns fake filmmaker

South siren Kajal Aggarwal, who is all set to make her B-town debut with Singham opposite Ajay Devgn, has a big fan base already. One of her crazy fans posed as a filmmaker to meet the actor and even offered her an advance cheque worth approximately Rs 3 lakh.  kajal-agarwal
The fan introduced himself as a businessman wanting to make films. "Kajal got calls and smses from a man, who claimed to be a businessman wanting to get into films. When they finally met, he narrated a script to Kajal, however, she turned it down and said that she was looking for something else. That's when he insisted to give her a signing amount. After much insistence, Kajal finally took the signing amount, since he told her that he would come up with another script," a source told Mumbai Mirror. kajal agarwal-hot
When the actor's manager called him after a few days, he confessed he just wanted to meet her. "When the man did not turn up for the next 3-4 days, the manager called him. He simply said that he had no intention of making any film but just wanted to meet Kajal. He had seen many of her south Indian films and was a huge fan of hers. He apologised but said that he could not think of any other way to meet Kajal," added the source. kajal-agarwal01
He even refused to take back his cheque. "When the actress' manager asked him to take his signing amount back, he refused and disconnected. Fortunately, Kajal had not cashed the cheque. She found the whole incident very amusing," the source told the tabloid.
Kajal confirmed the reports, "He came and showered me with compliments. It was very funny as the person never showed up again. I was flattered, but a little unnerved by the whole situation."
So who's keeping that signing amount, finally?

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