Bollywood gossips-Rakhi sawant desires to marry Baba ramdev

Rakhi Sawant expressed her willingness to marry Yoga guru Baba Ramdev. While addressing mediapersons on the sidelines of a promotional event in New Delhi, Rakhi Sawant spoke of how she also admired Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi.rakhi-sawant
The Drama queen admitted that Ramdev’s yoga sessions have made an impact on her life.
Swayamvar with Baba Ramdev: Rakhi's Publicity Stunt!
akhi Sawant's recent interaction with media friends has created a furore among a section of the people across the nation, as she openly expressed her wish to marry Baba Ramdev, the Yoga guru who was in the news recently more for his anti-corruption campaign than his yoga.
According to a newspaper, Rakhi Swant said that she would prefer to have 'Swayamvar with Ramdev, because he is rich, hot and sexy too.'
"How can Rakhi talk so cheaply about Yoga Guru, who is respected by millions as a spiritual Guru too?" a Baba Ramdev follower reacted angrily after her statement.
"Rakhi is known for her publicity stunts, she can be in limelight only through such cheap statements," says another female follower of Baba Ramdev.
Also, some people were angry at Rakhi for not calling Ramdev 'Baba'. She said, "I do not want to address him as Baba, for me he is just 'swami'"
"Media should not highlight such cheap talks by Rakhi, who is ready to do anything for publicity," says another staunch follower of Baba Ramdev.
"What's wrong in it? Rakhi has openly expressed her desire. In our history there are many examples of spiritual Gurus who married. Nothing wrong in it. We are in an independent country, and have freedom to talk," says a Rakhi fan.
"If Baba Ramdev has no problem about such statements, why should others worry?" another fan says, ridiculing the anti-Rakhi sentiments.

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